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          The Northamptonshire Association of Registered Care Homes (NorArch) was formed in April 1983.

In 1983 NorArch was organised as an informal get together and information sharing group. However it has now transformed itself into a professional body representing approximately 70% of the independent registered care homes in the County.

Our membership includes Residential and Nursing Care both for younger and older people and for people with learning difficulties. We also offer specialist homes such as a home for the blind. Membership is restricted to proprietors and managers of Registered Care Organisations in Northamptonshire. Members include smaller and larger single unit to multiple unit homes. The ownership includes private and the voluntary sectors.

Our membership strive to offer the highest standards of care for out clients and that is why NorArch homes scored highly on the Northamptonshire County Council's quality accreditation cheap replica watches scheme 'The Roses' with many being placed in the top two positions for quality provision.

We are the only Association that Northamptonshire County Council will negotiate with when annual fee increases are discussed.

Our membership is keen to embrace innovative and new concepts in care for both the elderly and people with learning difficulties.



The main principles and objects of the Association are:

  • To provide a responsible Body which will represent the interests and views of Members to Central Government, Local Government and other Bodies.
  • To effect and maintain high standards in homes in Northamptonshire by provision of a Code of Conduct for Members which is an integral rolex replica part of the Criteria for Membership.
  • To promote the image of registered homes by the adoption of a professional approach to the operation of such homes.
  • To liase with other Bodies with compatible aims for the mutual benefit of those Bodies and the Association.
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information and for the discussion of problems.


  If you require further information, please email: